Sorry, JavaScript is required! Fortune Cookie Card Game
The Rules:
A maximum of 50 unique designed game cards will be sold. There will be always minimum 2 game cards available, if one is sold, we post a new game card. Once the 50. game card is sold, 14 days later we select the game winner(1) with the highest card score(2). The game end latest on 28th February 2023(3).
You can see the Top-Scorer and your Card-Score when you scan the QR code on your game card. Each time someone scan your QR code, your card score increase.
The Donation:
Sample only! The donation amount(4) goes to the Pattaya Orphanage, so kindly support this project and purchase a game card.

We would like to use this donation to install a Lego-Technic robotic station for the orphans, as we know they dream about it. We would also like to invite the orphans for a fun day trip to the Ramayana Water Park.
The Winner:
The winner wins 4 nights in Thai Garden Resort (5) in Pattaya City, Thailand. The winner hands over the donation amount to the Pattaya orphanage and also spends a day together with the orphans in the Ramayana Water Park..

We will post pictures from this event in near future together with the game winner. We count on your support to make this event a success!

You can purchase a NFT Game Card at Opensea.

  1. The winner must validate the Ethereum public wallet address with us. You can sell anytime your card, but new price will not affect card score. We validate the winner of current ownership of the NFT game card.

  2. The card score is determined using the card purchasing price (75%) and the card views (25%), so the higher your card purchase price and card views, the higher your card score. Only someone scan the QR code on game card will count the card views.

  3. If not 50 cards sold by 28th Feb. 2023, there is no winner. We try then, to put together the best possible donation amount for the Pattaya Orphanage.

  4. The donation amount will be 50% of the card selling price. Each new posted card will increase fixed selling price at ETH 0.005, we accept no offers. The NFT's are minted on Polygon.

  5. Hotel for 2 Person. Airport transfer to Pattaya included. Flight ticket and Thailand Visa must be borne by the winner.

  6. Once a card is sold, it will take approximately 1-2 business days to activate game card.

  7. Updates or changes will be posted by the “Game Rules” page.

  8. Go2Meet generally assumes no liability and the General Terms and Conditions of apply.

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